SFX Make-up Earth Pro – Special Forces Launch

Hey all, we hope you managed to stay warm this winter. As well are all well aware, things tend to quieten down during the cold season for us Movie people. But this allows us the opportunity to stretch out and explore new creative ventures. Trust me when i tell you, we certainly have taken advantage of this time in our little studio.

Special Forces

The prize for the most exciting project of ours for August without a doubt must be our special forces photo shoot.
This was a massive and extremely exciting undertaking for us. We created all the props and costume for the shoot. It was an amazing creative collaboration between our studio, the photographers, MAC Cosmetics, Go Brown tanning, the make-up artists and the 11 beautiful models.
You might be asking yourself right now, why was this their most exciting project for the month, i mean they make some pretty crazy things over there at Organic Canvas. Well my avid readers, the answer is simple. It was all in aid of the launch of our new range of HD make-up dirt creams and powders.

Product information

Our Earth pro series is made up of highly refined skin safe powders. It is 100 percent camera ready and can be applied straight from the tub onto the skin, wardrobe, hair and prosthetics.
Its extremely easy to use and even easier to remove. Just add a little soap and warm water and boom, clean as a whistle.
They are packaged in 100g drop safe plastic containers, so its safe to say that they are great value for money.


Photography by:

Colette Y Benjamin / Kim van Zyl / Seagram Pearce