Getting our pink fluff on for a Snoop Dog Adidas Music Video

Adidas Originals Feat. Snoop Dogg: Exclusive

We had the opportunity to work on a very exciting production for Adidas.
You can only imagine the excitement we felt when we were asked to create a pull over doberman mask for none other than Snoop Dog himself. The advert was a visual masterpiece which wracked up more than 4 million views in under 48 hours on Youtube.

Creating The Dog Masks


The first step is generating the sculpt. Because of the extremely tight deadline we decided to use pottery clay for this project. This allowed us to make the required changes with great speed.

Now its time to put on the protective gear and start the mold making process. With these guys we went with the fiberglass route. If you know what you are doing, its fast and extremely strong.

Finally, the tedious process of hairing the masks. With both the Poodle and Doberman mask we hand layed the hair, ten strands at a time, bit by bit to create a natural look and feel.

Click here to watch the music video.