Creatures of the Deep – Mermaid

Creating unique creatures is what we do best. From concept to final product we handle it all in house.

Recently we had the privilege to create one of the most iconic creatures in folk lore “The Mermaid”

Although some mermaids are described as monstrous and ugly, we decided to take a more beautiful approach.

Creating The Mermaid

As always the first step is generating the sculpt. 20kgs of clay and four days later the monotonous scales were complete and the tail looked beautiful.

Once the fiber glass mold has been created its time to cast out our tail. We created our tail in a very lightweight waterproof foam. Seen here are two of our very proud artists standing by their creation.

The final and most exciting step is bringing all the elements together and gluing down the prosthetic makeup. For a creature of this magnitudes it can up to four hours to complete the makeup application.


The final product – The Mermaid


Contact us for a quote on your custom made mermaid tail. Because why be a human when you can be a mermaid.