Our highlights reel from the Mercedez-Benz Bokeh Fashion and Film Festival 2017

It’s one thing working away in your little studio, crafting and creating the things you love. It’s quite another to do your thing in front of hundreds of passers by at an annual film festival – but I guess when the pressure’s on, those who love this industry, really do find their element.

We were invited to attend the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion and Film Festival, one of the most inspiring film festivals on the globe. The purpose of the festival us to bring creatives from all spheres in the Film, Fashion, Artistic and related technical industries together to celebrate their craft twice a year.

From eight in the morning until five that evening we were pretty much in an on-going meet and greet with make up and film students from all over South Africa. A lot of our conversations and explanations centred around the demands and expectations of the film industry. Then from about six in the evening all the way through until ten that night we were at it with live prosthetic application demos. On the Friday night we demo’d a ‘ripped out throat’ prosthetic application and on the Saturday we opted for something less gory in a ‘forrest elf’ fantasy creature.

Here are some snaps from the event.

Juanette, one of my top artists, refining the prosthetic for elf application




Our little set-up, featuring previous work in the background
Myself, my little sis – the talented Jade Doreen Waller, and my best artist – Juanette
Our prosthetic application pieces on their body casts pre-prep
Myself and my elf model, @miss_k_flexfit a.ka Kylie Opperman, on the red carpet
Slit-throat victims can enjoy popcorn too…

Hope to see you at the next one.

Special thanks to the guys at Mercedes-Benz for seeing our work and getting in touch to invite us to the event – it was a proud moment for Organic Canvas.