What is Indiecolab?

Indiecolab is the Independent Collaboration between various creative departments.

A gathering of like minded creatives join together to combine their individual talents to create a large scale photographic production without the aid of external funding.

A project where creatives can brainstorm designs on a decided concept and each person has the opportunity to shine to the fullest in their respective disciplines without the pressure of failure.

Indiecolab is a platform where current industry professionals can guide and nurture the next upcoming generation of artists.

A place where new artists can experience what it feels like be on a production or film set with the guidance of their mentors. It’s a place to give back whilst pushing the boundaries of a collective creation.

Indiecolab is not only for make-up artists, hair stylists, fabricators and photographers. It’s also a platform for models, new and professional that would like do something unique and completely different from your more commercial photo shoots. It’s also designed for models that don’t fit the conventional body type- too strong, too soft, too short. With Indiecolab everyone has a place where they can exel.

Our goal is to create a new theme for a large scale production every three months, allowing a constant growth for networking and skills development.  All the images and short films created on these productions are equally owned by all involved to help market themselves in each of their sectors.

The movement of Indiecolab is open to all those wanting a platform to grow their skills or their brand. To get involved please contact us directly